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Leonid Kozienko
Artist | Digital Art

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CGHUB is no more. I guess most of you aren't bother but some people take it way too serious. Here are a few simple rules I follow over the years to keep my mind safe:

1. Save all the stuff you like. Now. Put it on your hard drive, burn on CD, print it out... whatever... just don't expect you'll see it online for the rest of your life. Pinterest, Evernote, Dropbox yada yada are nice but you don't own them. Use them but have a safe local vault too.

When I see cool picture I save it right away - 'right click, save as' habit goes on autopilot. I've got only 236 favourites on dA but my local dA storage has over 12,000+ images (chances are I've got your scribbles too ;p ).

2. Organize. It's a quintessential, super important skill. Doesn't matter if you're student or busness owner. Say if you dump all your images into one folder, good luck with finding specific image later. I build a simple folder system to sort out my stuff. When I paint armor I just scan the armor refs (FSViewer). When I need some smoke and fire... well, you got the idea.

3. Learn some tech. Nowadays we rely on technology a lot. You read this journal because of tech. You won't need to go geek and build RAIDs or home clusters with Arduino whitz (unless you're an IT dude) but sometimes you'll need to resurrect dead deleted data or download an image from website that doesn't allow it. (hello!)

And if you are an artist I've got some more tips for you:

4. Run your own site. Even if it's just a simple page with your name and work samples. Some artists moan they lost all portfolio and contact info with cgh shutdown. That's my friends the price for your laziness.

5. Have some alternate places you actually cherish. Please don't create a blogspot or tumblr because everyone's doing it. It's annoying when artist post a wall of see me... like me... follow me... links that leads to half dead or abandoned pages. Howdy folks, this is my fist post and then... dead silence. Not good.

You may follow up with Stop chasing the hotness article on ArtOrder though but keep in mind, it's quite a controversial topic.

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Friends & Fellow Artists

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DarkerEve - Warning! Hot stuff inside!
fantasio - make sure to check out his art tips & insights
Vetrova - artist & photographer, my long lost sister
eremin - comic book & BD artist, creator of Hacker series
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arsenixc - an art machine and alien specieman, pixiv rockstar
kikimor - stop playing games & get back to work, dammit!!
DemienvanCope - got an eye for yummy girls
LucidARTDVC - Demien's twin brother
Verehin - the sky is the limit for Max art
akylrum - animator, 2d artist and indie game developer

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Kenjinora 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your arts are so wonderful !!! must watch !!!
I do believe this belongs to you…
agnidevi 3 days ago   Digital Artist
Thanks for the info!
youre welcome :3
MaskedPenciller Mar 24, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your gallery! You make me want to start drawing topless women :D
agnidevi Apr 3, 2014   Digital Artist
Ahaha well you should give it a try one day. :D

You've some nice ladies in your gallery, keep it up! :thumbsup:
Ayanami--Rei Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
great artwork Clap 
agnidevi Mar 16, 2014   Digital Artist
Gracias! Keep up your cosplay work! :D
comicscolorist Mar 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Glad I ran into your gallery, very inspiring work. I'll be watching from now on :)
agnidevi Mar 11, 2014   Digital Artist
Many thanks for your interest! :)
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